Navigating the rise of digital commerce: Imperatives and impediments for CMOs

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The top trends in digital commerce for 2022

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, brands have prioritized digital channels for everything from customer support to commerce. In fact, the rise of digital commerce has only accelerated in the past two years in almost every consumer facing industry. Kiosks are the new waiters; mobile apps the new foyer; messaging conversations the newest form of checkout. Businesses saw digital generate profit like never before. Instagram,TikTok, and other social media channels doubled-down on their commerce offerings and a bright but uncertain future is unfolding for marketing executives to capitalize on.

The question for CMOs today — and the focus of this report from the CX experts at Khoros — is which of these changes are here to stay, and which will go back to the way they were before COVID-19. In this report, CMOs can get the information they need to inform key decisions about how consumers will consume, both in 2022 and moving forward.

Our analysis is based on an exclusive survey of more than 1,300 consumers and marketing leaders around the world. We’ve used this research to identify key consumer trends in a post-pandemic world. Our findings confirm the importance of the human connection in marketing strategies, incorporating both humans and AI across digital channels, and offering more seamless experiences at every touch point.

If you’re a CMO, marketer, or any other type of customer engagement professional, you can’t afford to miss these findings. Download the report today to learn more about the digital commerce trends that will impact your brand in the coming year and beyond.

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