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Turn customer conversations into unified experience analytics

Khoros CX Insights aggregates the customer interactions taking place across your current infrastructure and applies speech analytics and AI to deliver pure, candid customer feedback without you ever having to ask for it.

How Khoros CX Insights works

CX Insights sits on top of all your customer communication platforms to provide a single view of all customer conversations and comments, normalizing and classifying the data for comprehensive CX analysis.

Aggregate all sources of customer contact and feedback. Classify each customer interaction with a taxonomy unique to your business.
Visualize data down to the individual interaction in one application.
Democratize access to data and insights across the organization.

Trusted by the world's top brands

Here’s what CX Insights can do for you

 Deliver candid, organic customer feedback from the systems you already have in place

 Compile a CX data set superior in scale, scope, and context
IReveal the actionable root causes behind customer behavior and sentiment

 Deflect calls by identifying sources of customer friction upstream of the contact center
 Connect negative survey responses to the experiences that preceded them
 Uncover emerging issues and trending topics before they negatively impact CX

 Reduce customer churn
 Lower service costs and reveal revenue opportunities
 Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

About Khoros

Khoros’s award-winning customer engagement platform helps over 2,000 global brands, including one-third of the Fortune 100 companies, create customers for life. With over 20 patented technologies, Khoros connects every facet of customer engagement, including digital contact centers, messaging, chat, online brand communities, CX analytics, and social media management. Combined with our top-rated services, the Khoros platform enables brands to connect with customers throughout their entire digital journey.

Khoros powers more than 500 million daily digital interactions and leverages AI to turn these interactions into actionable insights. Primarily owned by Vista Equity Partners, Khoros is recognized as one of the Best Places to Work both nationally and locally across our 11 offices around the world. For more information, visit khoros.com.

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